Introducing our projects

Our Te Tina a Tuna – Kaituna Action Plan sets out key actions that Te Maru o Kaituna is focused on delivering from 2019-2029, to ‘give life’ to the Kaituna River Document.

The Action Plan outlines three priority actions, two supporting actions, and 18 projects that will help achieve our goal of a healthy Kaituna River that is protected for current and future generations.

Find out more about each of our projects by clicking on the project names below.

PRIORITY ACTION 1: Take collective responsibility for improving the health and well-being of the Kaituna River and its tributaries.

Project 1.          Lowland drains and drainage canal improvement project
Project 2. Freshwater quality and quantity limits project
Project 3. Consented takes and discharges project
Project 4. Focus catchments project
Project 5. Farm environment plans project


PRIORITY ACTION 2: Create a network of healthy and diverse Kaituna habitats and ecosystems.

Project 6.          Post Kaituna River re-diversion and enhancement project
Project 7. Wetland re-creation project
Project 8. Kaituna habitats network project
Project 9. Pātaka kai project


PRIORITY ACTION 3: Connect our communities and visitors to our river and to our projects.

Project 10. Kaituna community connection project
Project 11. Kaituna River access project
Project 12. Kaituna cycleway/walkway project
Project 14. Upper catchment ‘gateway’ project
Project 15. Coastal park network project


ENABLING ACTION 1: Collect good information about the health of the Kaituna River and its tributaries

Project 16.           State of the Awa integrated monitoring and reporting project
Project 17. Kaituna catchment network mapping project


ENABLING ACTION 2: Establish a Kaituna River restoration and enhancement fund

Project 18.    River restoration and enhancement fund project